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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

calligraphy murals

Too preoccupied with murals at the moment to worry about upcoming exhibitions!

Just having so much fun! Calligraphy and walls go hand in hand! Nothing beats seeing the writing on the wall!

Really is fun transforming rooms with words! Interesting focal point...Ha! Well, I've got other products and I simply have to force myself to calm down. Next exhibition is in AUGUST!!!!! OMG!!

Painting on walls is just so enjoyable! Takes forever but what a buzz when it's completed. But then again, so is any kind of art. But I do love it, when art says something....literally says something! Walls are the bees' knees! I thinks it's just the permanence and non permanence of painting on walls that gives me a buzz. It's there as long as it's there...cannot be moved about. I love it!! But what's more....the clients are really pleased!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

It's all about love

Religion is all about is all about relationships. Rules are man made and therefore fallible. Love is pure and only appears warped when we treat it like a law! Laws are sets you free! God is love.

Do not be religious, be loving.....

Stay blessed and have a great day!