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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Make it special!

Benefits of Choosing Handmade and Original Products

It`s always a big dilemma, choosing a present for someone special or a significant occasion. Where do you start in the search for that perfect gift with literally the whole world at your fingertips and yet such an overwhelming abundance of choice?
With so much of our contemporary life dominated by the easy availability of mass-produced, throw-away consumer goods, the challenge of finding a special gift of enduring quality and originality becomes even greater.

One solution is to opt for handmade gifts for the home that come with a personal touch and individuality. A private gesture has a public place in the home. Even when buying off the peg handmade products such as furnishings or artworks. The gift can be personalised by adding the recipient`s name or a special message. You can have names or motifs put on cushions or engraved on glassware for example. If the budget allows, you can go one step further and commission a unique and original item created especially with the recipient in mind. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glassware, handmade books and soft furnishings (cushions, throws, covers etc.) all fall into this category. There are many exciting and creative designers or artists with imaginative ideas for innovative gifts for your chosen friend or family member, such as flairdesignrhyme offering an array of original products. The added benefit of some gifts for the home is they combine practical use and functionality. A bespoke creation allows you to reflect their personality maybe they are interested in eco-products, love a special place or have a real sense of humour. An original, well- chosen gift will show that you have gone to great efforts to match their individuality and delight accordingly.

There are plenty of times when a simple token of appreciation or thanks is all that`s needed and there`s a seemingly endless choice available. Often the usual favourites fit the bill perfectly and, with a bit of effort, we can easily track down the best offers to send cheap flowers, chocolates or champagne as an expression of appreciation. Yet there are many other special occasions or people that demand greater ingenuity and imagination when choosing a gift. This is when a handmade or original gift demonstrates that we have taken the trouble to consider the recipient and give them something special that matches their lifestyle and personality. A handmade or original object for the home will endure long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates have been eaten and become part of the recipient`s life.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

learning the last

Learning to walk! Definitely riding the tide! Learning every single day how much business is about consistency...Actually beginning to work set hours for 'myself'. It's amazing how the mindset changes when you work for yourself as though you were paid to work set hours.

Rather than working through the night...I'm beginning to utilise the day..set myself a number of hours to work and simply get to it! Beginning to achieve so much! Obviously, I occasionally work overtime...but I'm totally learning to not burn the candle at both ends!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

On the ball.....

Definitely on the roll (God's Grace). Getting there.....eye on the ball and loving it!!!

Watch this space!!!!