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Sunday, 21 August 2011

first taste

Wow! Just had my very first Stella Artois Cidre! Really really nice...doesn't taste like 'piss' (well beer tastes awful!!) but this is it!!!
Alcohol content 4.5% but I'm so lightheaded feeling bit woozy'll clear soon

Don't know if I can finish a bottle but it sure tastes gooood!!

(this is so very random, isn't it?)


finally finished a commission and itching for another....painting can be soooo therapeutic! Portrait painting is my new love....never knew I would fall for it. Always felt portraiture was not as spontaneous as abstract art...but how very wrong I am!!!

Portraiture is what you make long as it is true to form...the colours used are irrevelant..I could paint purple skin and blue hair in the right shades and voila...still recognisable!!

Portraiture is wow!! You paint the character of the person onto canvas...I love it!!!
I am loathe to part with the completed commission but alas it is not mine to keep....