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Thursday, 2 February 2012

getting down to brass tacks!!

Need to get cracking on a long overdue painting! Definitely pulling my socks up this time! sometimes I am definitely too laid back for my own good. this last minute adrenalin rush thing I do is not cutting it. So I am sensibly going to finish this painting(soon as i stop blogging)....that is so long not right :(
well...going to get a move on, be serious(i wish) and ....paint!


Case Dismissed!!

Accompanied someone to court today....and the case was dismissed!!!! My days! I cannot remember feeling so many butterflies in my belly...the euphoria...didnot know whether to laugh or cry...what a relief!

Good news can definitely knock you for six!!! Really really chuffed for this person! x

have a blessed day y'all and stay out of trouble!!! xxxxx