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Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Banks at least ....the one (will not say which one) I bank with is definitely feeling the pinch and stressing me OUT! Money will be paid into the account....threatening to close the account for 'a paltry sum'. Soon pay money in...then they'll be off my days!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Profit and loss accounts!

If anyone ever told you doing your business accounts yourself was easy....that person is either a mathematician, accountant or absolute JOKER.... It is the hardest, most tedious thing in the world! OMG!!!!! It's taking FOREVER........

I simply had to stop....was doing my nut!!

My little rant to get back to ACCOUNTS!!! will try really hard not to pull my hair out!

Crunch time....

Beginning to feel it the credit crunch? or is it just me being impatient....'I want everything NOW!' little girl attitude surfacing? I don't know...I'm feeling despondent....Is business slow? I don't know...depends how I qualify 'slow'. Well, I'm buzzing with creativity and ideas....I'm scribbling, drawing, patterning, doodling, writing, blogging non stop. Relatively oozing with creative ideas and working them out too! So I'm on a's a new business and I'm scared. Terrified of this credit crunch! Terrified that not so many people are least not online....! But at point of's good! Close up with all the energy I have put into my work...the work basically sells itself and is bought! Wooer! and I wonder if there is a credit crunch at all! But online....? Well, that's a another it the images? Probably. They don't really do the products justice.....I need another pair of hands. Someone who could update images on the all the leg work...take stunning photos, upload onto site, write captions, add the works! But what will I pay this amazing whiz kid. Peanuts....if I can find any.
You know what they say, 'when the going gets tough.....' I'm going to be tough, resilient and weather this storm! Cos right now at this moment, the credit crunch is taking humongous bites out of my confidence!
Be right back....need to go stomp my feet in despair and wail. But no! that's the impatient little girl again. I will weather this storm and I will be fine. Taking one little step at a time cos I ain't going down without a fight and neither are you!!

So tighten that belt, chin up, walk tall cos we ain't beat yet! and we won't be either cos it's all good!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I love blogging....

Really tired this evening! Been at ceramics studio all day...sculpting! Long week it's been. Week started out great....full of beans on Monday,,,,still full of beans on still smell a bean or two...but I'm physically TIRED. Been on such a buzz..I've worn myself out. Need an early night...but don't think that's going to happen. So much to little time!
Blogging is so therapeutic....don't you think. Just typing away on a little laptop....pouring it all out instead of keeping it all in my head....thoughts thoughts thoughts a merry go round. Well I don't know about 'merry'. Thoughts thoughts thoughts in my head break my chain of thought cos there are so many...feel like I'm chasing my tail!
I love blogging....why didn't I blog sooner? Well, there is a time and a place!
Not quite ready to put up any more least not right now....two things priority right I should sleep...should stop blogging now....but don't really want to. Isn't it the best when you can publish stuff online not knowing if anyone else is going to read it....It's absolutely amazing! Blogging is the bees' knees!
Thanks to whoever introduced and encouraged online've got a great head on your shoulders!
I love to talk....don't I? Especially, when I don't know if anyone is listening! Believe me...take it from a first time blogger, when you don't know if anyone is ever going to read your ABSOLUTELY the best time to blog! You're basically pouring it all out..... and it feels good!
Well...don't let me keep you, (ha!) whoever is reading this....cos I guess at some point someone will read it! Which is kind of sad...good in a way. Well that puts a dampener on things...don't want to say much anymore...but who am I kidding? Of course this will be read! It's just that blogging is so personal and sometimes you just want to hide yourself from the world! Well whoever is reading this, probably has never met that's fine. I can blog all I want...and will continue to... But not for now! I need my beauty sleep. And I do you!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I don't have a problem with where I come from
I am proud of my origin
Thick curly hair, lips pouting wide
Eyes widespread oval with deep pools of light
Rhythm in my soul, dancing in my stride
Feet placed on the ground
As wide hips pulsate
Skin of bronze and luminous
Voice of ancient melodies
Jibes at my origin underline peculiarities
The wealth of a man is his enemies
Envious of how great he has become

So next time you sit next to me
Look into my eyes; you will see them dance
Proudly to those ancient drums
Melodies I bring along from my native motherland

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2000

Thank You

For little things and big things
Waters stirred; deep and shallow
Time spent without being wasted
Laughter that lacks a plastic smile
Words that guide with an open mind
Friendship as it is meant to be

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 1999

I pine

I try to deny my heart's cries
As I sigh and pine for your touch
Water with anticipation at the thought
Of you and I subject to my heart
As it cries at time spent apart
At words left unspoken
At Love's fleeting glance

As I pine and you simply walk past

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2003

I believe

Prodigal that I am, I turn to you O God
My sins have overtaken the person that I am
Peace, I find, evades me; worry has planted seeds
Trouble has cultivated a hedge to fence me in

Yet in spite of all around me, Your spirit lives in me
I turn to you my saviour and say that 'I believe'

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 1999

Lilies of the Valley

Do not speak words of condemnation; decrees upon your life
Speak of plenty running over cups of redemption

Let the day's own troubles not be your sorrow
'It is finished', says the Lord
As the lilies of the valley clothe, so you will be and more

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 1999

Walls have ears

Watch what you say when she is around
She reads stories from lips not kept zipped
Transcribing speech into manuscript
Dotting i's and crossing t's to make sense of any omittances

Watch what you say when she is around
Or you will have to give account for words spoken in haste
In this maze of cultures interwoven by the pursuit of peace

Watch what you say before words cause war
As careless talks ruins it all

Look beyond the paint walls adorn

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2003

Glory to God

Without God, my life would have no meaning
I would be in a daze pounding streets, wondering what time of day it is
Seeking, searching frenzied for a nameless quality
To cushion the blows life throws at me

Dancing, gyrating, paying the piper for tunes I do not choose
Naked, stripped of being the person that I am
Slipping into role like a chameleon

From mirrors, I would cringe, hating to look within
Afraid of what I will see

So, glory to God for me

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2002

The Hands of Time

If the ticking clocks could tell what each passing moment holds
I would fill my house with ticking hands and listen to their song

If an hour told a story in the first seconds of its birth
I would do all things by sundown of the day not yet begun

If a day was told in seconds; a week in minutes sung
I would plan my months in hours; A day in a year unfold

But Time, a well-bound book, each day in a page will tell
When it is twenty four hours old!

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 1999

It's all in the chase

I love the chase; to catch a dream
Taste it, hold it, feel it
I love to sprint on winged feet
Dashing, diving, leaping
To fly against the open sky
Rage against the rising tide
To catch a dream beyond my reach

I love the rush of coming tops
Of holding my spot
Exhilarating appreciation of all I can achieve

I love the chase; I love the rush
I love the honey of non stop
The push that comes to shove
The jungle justice code
Survival of the bold

I love the chase

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2002


Forbidden love, playing with emotions; imagining
Playing house when the lights are dim
Letting loose, chasing dreams forbidden
Little gestures, whispered trust, tender kisses; shattered
By ties to expectation; ties to rules unspoken

He trusts; she loves; he loves; she trusts
All is shattered; broken by ties to rules unspoken

A spark ignites emotion, outpouring of devotion
Bridges crossed, rules broken
Love once forbidden is now in season

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 1999

Monday, 11 May 2009


Celebrate Age; the passing of time
Mood swings; learning to make up your mind
People who cross you; people who don't
Promises broken; loyalties shown

Celebrate Life; the knowledge you have
Good and bad habits woven with time
Into the workings of your mind

Celebrate Joy; Celebrate Time
Days spent together
Nights flying by

Celebrate You; the older you get
The bolder your vision; Do not live to regret
A chance never taken; A wish never made
A word never spoken; A trip never made

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 1999


I am instinct, passed down from generation to generation
Comfort, nurtured in my bones
Love, building bridges; Time, raising homes
I am my grandmother's hands as she kneads dough in a bowl
My mother's patience as she listens
My sister's light step as she spies the fly guy that turns her head

I am your ears as you listen to this song
Of who I am and who you are
And who we choose to be as we fall in step with generations past
Supple; Slinky; Flirty; Naughty
Working our minds to ease the burden of antagonism
Living it large in small doses
Giving with gusto as much as need be
Knowing that time is spandex when used wisely
I am grace enabled; beauty envisioned; hurt well handled; love abundant

I am woman

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2003

Balm of Gilead

My life has found direction
A reason for being
Righteous exultation
A path that leads to Him

His ways are paved with wonder
Beyond the might of men
He is my refuge and my comfort
The salving Balm of Gilead

My days are filled with wonder
Comfort from the storm
Preciously protected
He is the reason I was born

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2000

Live the dream

Someday, you will wake up and say, they told you so
They told you, you could raise your head high and walk proud
Knowing that this battle has been won with the sweat and blood of generations gone
They told you the world was an oyster in the palm of your hand
And all you had to do was reach out and grasp your dream
And it was yours to become, to fulfill
Because it is all so real; this creativity within you
This gift bursting to be out and about and shout out to the world to note its worth
This wisdom, God-given pulsating as you breathe in and out
In a world that appears shut down to a creativity that will not stop till you drop
Because it is a blessing that is far reaching
And today is as good as any day to start
Because you can fly if you only try
And do not believe the lies as men try to tie you down and shut you up and make you stay knowing they cannot
Because the dream within you will not die even if you never try to fly

So what is stopping you?

Someday you will wake up and say, they told you so
They told you, you could raise your head high and walk proud
Knowing that the battle has been won

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2003

....smooth sailing...

If you have got it going; keep it moving, together; smoothly
To a crescendo; A celebration

Co-ordination of your emotions
Leads to revelation of the person within you
Shrouded in mystery, now revealed for all to see

And your dreams, once a whisper, are now a shout!
Of joy, from toil; hanging in; holding on to dreams you have

A wish you made, when once a child

So don't you rock that boat!

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2002


Power corrupts, playing tricks on the mind
Vying with the divine to dominate its kind
Drunk on a cause, so false
Leaving trails of hope dashed

Power ignites; the will to fight
And sever the hold once close
Take a stand against the world

Power deceives with little reprieve
As powerless we stand without a gang

No applause; no fans

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2002


The flick, the stick, the binge, the fling
Toss around high ideals
Utopian worlds that do not exist
But in a world of make believe

The flick, disdaining every word
Ordaining self as king of all

The stick, beating us about the head
In attempts to rule the herd

The binge, self destructive force
Our insides out; free for all

The fling, seeking never finds
Leaving ash where once was hope

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2002

Bad leadership

With rofo rofo fight
I take on the unknown soldier
And the beasts of no nation
I ask the vagabonds in power to step down

Pay no mind to the noise for vendor mouth
And fear not for man even though there is no agreement
And our people are suffering and smiling
Because of the authority stealing
And the sorrow, tears and blood

With so much confusion
Everything is upside down
Yet in spite of the army arrangement
We go shout plenty why poor man dey suffer
Because observation is no crime
And we hear our children cry
Teacher don't teach me nonsense

Yet which head never steal?
Here, in London we see everything scatter
As dog eat dog when question jam answer
Because Mr Follow Follow is a zombie

In Naija, just like that, overtake don overtake
And the vagabonds in power claim there is no bread
And resort to unnecessary begging

We have reached a stalement; There is no time for shakara
Let confusion break bone of the original sufferhead
The yellow fever, Zombie and Mr Follow Follow
Because it is an open and close case
That bad leadership is very expensive shit

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2003

...says in his heart...

The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'
What a fool and what a heart so deceived
What a life ravaged by vain fantasy
Believing in the power of man's might

The fool thinks to himself, 'It is over'
When the last breath he draws in deadly sleep
Little knowing that is just the beginning
For lives that have been justified by Him

For Christ on the cross rebuilt all bridges
Laboured in love to set us free
And death is merely slumber pending
Triumphant reign with Him

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2000

Poetry must be laughing

Poetry must be laughing
As she is drawn out of the closet
Put on display in all her array
Her trinkets of song beaded with rhyme
As she smiles at the lines caressing her eyes
In age old beauty of defiance

Poetry must be sated
With the phrases and cliches that define her movement
With the homage we pay her in all her adornment
With the grace and skill with which we trill
As birds in song in a ritual dance

Without vying or trying
She is raised higher and higher
On the pedestal we have placed her

Neither moth nor rust can eradicate her
The ravage of war does not humiliate her
Time and tide cannot dissipate her
Men in scorn cannot degrade her
The loss of love does not erode her
Mind over matter cannot control her
For our every thought applauds her

Poetry must be laughing

Omo Okolo copyright reserved Nov 2002

If he is not a dog....

Don't treat him like a dog when he has no bark
Give him a label; sew him a tag
Paint him colours he is not
Tell the world, his cause is lost
Backlash, tongue lash wreck the home
Words are mortal sticks and stones
Picking 'nits' when 'nits' ain't in
Takes the flesh off everything!
Scabs, sores, hollow walls are casualties of flailing him

If a man is not barking
He is not a dog
Not sniffing around to mark his spot
Not on the prowl for a bitch in heat
Not chasing bunnies in his sleep

A good man, they say, is hard to find
And some of us sisters have a gold mine
So don't treat him dirty
Don't make him pay
For every other brother who has gone astray

Some of us sisters take the 'mic'
Nit-picking is our gig
Where we get our highs and rise
Feeling we are queens arrived

Look in the mirror, I dare you!
If you are never wrong
You had better change the view
Slant the mirror to make it straight
Look yourself full in the face

Perfection to no man belongs
Correction always carries on
Burns a torch for all to see
That change is simply necessary

So sister, if you 'dis' your man
And feel he is 'doggone'
Go get a leash; get a tag
If you are not the bitch about

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2002

The Age of Experience

Age and Experience often walk hand in hand
But when Youth comes along for the ride
Age ignores Experience as though a ne'er do well

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2009

dont feel ready.....

don't feel at all prepared for exhibition next month!
so many things to little time!!!
need to get a move on...but....blogging!!!!
new to blogging(not quite new....), s'been said I talk a lot, so 'not quite new' to blogging. Especially when I've got a juicy bone of places to be and things to do, just can't drop that 'bone' - keep talking, moaning, singing, writing, rhyming about it! Like now....

things to do, places to be, deadlines to meet....


back soon........

PS Hv a fantastic day!