Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I love blogging....

Really tired this evening! Been at ceramics studio all day...sculpting! Long week it's been. Week started out great....full of beans on Monday,,,,still full of beans on still smell a bean or two...but I'm physically TIRED. Been on such a buzz..I've worn myself out. Need an early night...but don't think that's going to happen. So much to little time!
Blogging is so therapeutic....don't you think. Just typing away on a little laptop....pouring it all out instead of keeping it all in my head....thoughts thoughts thoughts a merry go round. Well I don't know about 'merry'. Thoughts thoughts thoughts in my head break my chain of thought cos there are so many...feel like I'm chasing my tail!
I love blogging....why didn't I blog sooner? Well, there is a time and a place!
Not quite ready to put up any more least not right now....two things priority right I should sleep...should stop blogging now....but don't really want to. Isn't it the best when you can publish stuff online not knowing if anyone else is going to read it....It's absolutely amazing! Blogging is the bees' knees!
Thanks to whoever introduced and encouraged online've got a great head on your shoulders!
I love to talk....don't I? Especially, when I don't know if anyone is listening! Believe me...take it from a first time blogger, when you don't know if anyone is ever going to read your ABSOLUTELY the best time to blog! You're basically pouring it all out..... and it feels good!
Well...don't let me keep you, (ha!) whoever is reading this....cos I guess at some point someone will read it! Which is kind of sad...good in a way. Well that puts a dampener on things...don't want to say much anymore...but who am I kidding? Of course this will be read! It's just that blogging is so personal and sometimes you just want to hide yourself from the world! Well whoever is reading this, probably has never met that's fine. I can blog all I want...and will continue to... But not for now! I need my beauty sleep. And I do you!


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