Saturday, 16 May 2009

Crunch time....

Beginning to feel it the credit crunch? or is it just me being impatient....'I want everything NOW!' little girl attitude surfacing? I don't know...I'm feeling despondent....Is business slow? I don't know...depends how I qualify 'slow'. Well, I'm buzzing with creativity and ideas....I'm scribbling, drawing, patterning, doodling, writing, blogging non stop. Relatively oozing with creative ideas and working them out too! So I'm on a's a new business and I'm scared. Terrified of this credit crunch! Terrified that not so many people are least not online....! But at point of's good! Close up with all the energy I have put into my work...the work basically sells itself and is bought! Wooer! and I wonder if there is a credit crunch at all! But online....? Well, that's a another it the images? Probably. They don't really do the products justice.....I need another pair of hands. Someone who could update images on the all the leg work...take stunning photos, upload onto site, write captions, add the works! But what will I pay this amazing whiz kid. Peanuts....if I can find any.
You know what they say, 'when the going gets tough.....' I'm going to be tough, resilient and weather this storm! Cos right now at this moment, the credit crunch is taking humongous bites out of my confidence!
Be right back....need to go stomp my feet in despair and wail. But no! that's the impatient little girl again. I will weather this storm and I will be fine. Taking one little step at a time cos I ain't going down without a fight and neither are you!!

So tighten that belt, chin up, walk tall cos we ain't beat yet! and we won't be either cos it's all good!

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