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Saturday, 2 April 2011


Totally KNACKERED and truly ECSTATIC!!
Had an awesome day yesterday at Spitalfields! And not because I made loads of money.....Nope. Sales were dismal but feedback was priceless!!!
A lady came to my (DESIGNWITHFLAIR) stall and she was beaming....very delighted with a purchase she had made from me a while ago...whilst shopping with her niece. She told me her niece is still very very happy with the purchase. and that is priceless....simply made my day. I absolutely am bursting with pride and so very encouraged. So matters very little that sales were dismal, what really gets me is FEEDBACK!!! Knowing that someone somewhere is very happy with one of my products. Constant reminder that sales are mounting up and I'm definitely on the right track!
So thank you, lovely lady for making my day!!

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