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Friday, 12 June 2009

Being visionary!

One thing I'm definite about is 'no one can follow your dream like you' if you have a dream be first in line to work it out. Do not leave your dream to be administered by others. No one can replicate any nuance of your being e.g. the way you walk, eat, sleep. So it goes without saying no one can replicate your thoughts. So your dream is your dream.
Delegate, my all means, but dream your dream and no one else's! Get people on board, because obviously the more the merrier just remember you are the host of the party! Every dream is God-given and every person the channel of his/her each of us has a duty to work out our own dreams...It's great to come alongside someone working out their dream and give a helping hand...It's not great to try to dream their dream for them...because you cannot! You can understand their vision, give them tips, help in any way you can but dream their dream.....! What a waste of your own dreams! Except of course if your dream is to help others realise their dreams! Well, that's a possibility I had not thought of! You could be an enabler...whose dream is to fulfil other people's dreams... Somehow, I don't think so! Everyone has a dream and by dream I mean vision....not to be confused with a dream to go on some fancy holiday! Scrap that! I'm being really cynical today not my usual bubbly self...bit crabby. Don't really feel that bubbly today but will snap out of it! Now that I'm blogging...which I thoroughly enjoy doing. Pouring it all out not knowing if it will be read or not and certainly not caring either! That's what makes it easy....Feel better already...

Have a great day and keep your dreams alive by working them out!


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