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Monday, 29 June 2009

Rest in Perfect Peace MJ!

It's amazing how unforgiving people can be! And I'm beginning to realise why...some people are so bitter inside that anything sweet is poison! The more you criticise, take bites out of someone else, the smaller you become. It takes a big person to speak well of others and a nonentity to speak only evil! Some people cannot see beyond their noses!

Take the holier than thou people taking cynical bites out of MJ even though he is dead! My days! How low can you get? The bitterness is scary....I would not want to be caught in a room with anyone who ain't got a clue what forgiveness means! Gosh! Not saying he did anything perverse...but worse case scenario...what if he did? Who made you judge and jury? Are you perfect? Do you care enough to give without ever receiving thanks? Can you breathe life into your most beloved relative when that person dies? Unforgiving people are bitter, twisted with humongous faults and only see faults in others...cos that is all they know. So twisted and warped, they believe everyone is twisted and warped! They do not believe anyone can change because they cannot! Anyone stuck in their ways and inflexible is murder to be around....Anyone who quotes 'the leopard never changes its spots' in reference to someone contrite is murder to be around, anyone who never gives anyone else the benefit of the doubt is murder to be around. Because these kind of people try to kill your spirit, wear you down with criticism, blinded by the big logs in their eyes, they try to take out the speck in yours! Next time someone criticises you with a vengeance, recognise who they are from their words, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Anyone who bad mouths anyone else, trying to run them into the ground is a murderer! We have been called to live and to live abundantly so do not let anyone steal your life with nasty words!

It's really spooky....young children are not judgmental and my do we teach them to be! Innocence, kindness, caring, unadulterated love is not something we understand. We call caring, giving people.... simple, naive, too trusting....because we are not to be trusted! And that's why I have my guard up, cos one word, one act out of tune....I really don't want to know. But I won't go around bad mouthing the person cos that is so lame!

I know I need to change my ways...but so do we all! Because we all fall short......but come on, bad mouthing someone who has done nothing to you....simply proves you are a nonentity!

RIP MJ! You were blessed with music and you shared it with the world!





  2. yep... thats why he loved children.. because they were non judgemental .. honest and innocent. and i'm sure being who he is.. thats all he wanted to be around. & when he had children of his own... thats why he spent all his time with them ... ill never believe he did anything..

    but hate.. unforgiveness and bitterness kills you more than the person your showing those emotions too...

    great blog tho.