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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Live the dream

Some day, you will wake up and say 'they told you so'
They told you, you could raise your head high and walk proud
Knowing that this battle has been won with the sweat and blood of generations gone
They told you, the world was an oyster in the palm of your hand
And all you had to do was reach out and grasp your dream
And it was yours to become, to fulfill
Because it is all so real, this creativity within you
This gift bursting to be out and about and shout out to the world to note its worth
This wisdom, pulsating as you breathe in and out
In a world that appears shut down to a creativity that will not stop till you drop
Because it is given and is far reaching
And today is as good as any day to start
And do not believe the lies as men try to shut you up
Tie you down, make you stay, knowing they cannot
For the dream within you will not die even if you never try to fly
So what is stopping you?

Some day, you will wake up and say, 'they told you so'

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2005


  1. Wow. Amazing Omo. Inspiring words. I would love to repost this at my blog and link to you here! May I have permission to do so?


    Mama Shujaa