Friday, 6 November 2009

Times like this

I smell decadence in the street
Corruption like blood has been spilled
The air is so tense
Can you feel......?
What anguish! Mother Nature weeps

Faces are hollow, eyes shift
Footsteps are whispered
See......shufflers shuffle along
Sweeping pockets for pins

I see decadence in the street
I hurt because it makes me weep
I cannot don a mask
Ignore the remarks on the faces of people I see
'Tried and failed'
'Never helped'
'Lost it all'
'Downright sold'

I feel decadence in the street
Will someone please listen to me
We cannot go on
With a play upon words
We create just to soothe our own needs

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 1998


  1. Fantasic! I can relate to this. The magic of this poem is good.

  2. thank you for your feedback! xx much appreciated!!