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Friday, 6 November 2009

My name

My name speaks volumes
As I dance to its pronunciation
I realise I will not alter this name
To suit a plastic world

For this name speaks of warriors
Red earth and drums
Rhythm grown in the home
In the dance of the pestle
The shake of the basket
The grind of the stone
As food fills the home

This name celebrates me
And whom I have become

I dance when called
At my heritage and birthright
The authenticity of who I am
Its nuances and intonations
I will not play down
Or lay down as slang
Words too rich to pronounce
They leave a twist in your tongue

So call me again
And light up my eyes
With the sweet breath of home
I find in my name
At the scent of grass mingled with rain
As it kisses the soil of Africa

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2002

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