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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Not A Dog

Don't treat him like a dog
If he has no bark
Give him a label
Sew him a tag
Paint him colours he is not
Tell the world his cause is lost
Backlash, tonguelash wreck the home
Words are mortal sticks and stones
Picking nits when nits ain't in
Takes the flesh off everything
Scabs, sores, hollow walls
Casualties of flailing him

If a man is not barking
He is not a dog
Not pissing around to mark his spot
Not on the prowl for a bitch in heat
Not chasing bunnies in his sleep

A good man, they say, is hard to find
And some of us sisters have a gold mine
So don't treat him dirty
Don't make him pay
For every other brother who has gone astray

Some of us sisters, take the mick
Fault finding is our gig
Where we get our highs and rise
Feeling we are queens arrived

Look in the mirror I dare you
If you are never wrong
You had better change the view
Slant the mirror to make it straight
Look yourself in the face

Perfection to no man belongs
Correction always carries on
Burns a torch for all to see
That change is simply necessary

So sister if you diss your man
And feel he is some dog
Go get a leash, get a tag
If you are not the bitch about

Omo Okolo copyright reserved 2003

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